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NameTania Cordova-Sintjago
Organization or InstitutionSanta Fe College
TopicChemistry Education

Developing greener organic chemistry laboratories for undergraduate organic chemistry courses


Chase Hearn, Mark Thompson,, Tania Cordova-Sintjago*

Author Institution(s)

Santa Fe College


The goal of this work is to utilize indole alkaloid natural products to generate structurally diverse and complex small molecules for drug discovery. Ring cleavage and ring fusion methodologies are being investigated to synthesize and screen novel agents to combat diseases such as cancer, malaria, opioid addiction, and pathogenic bacteria. Twenty new compounds have been added to a library of ring distorted indole alkaloid natural product derivatives (350 total) and submitted for high-throughput screening (HTS) to discover G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) antagonists. Structure activity relationship (SAR) studies will result in hit-to-lead optimization of potential therapeutics relevant to human disease.