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NameMs. Isabel Augustine
Organization or InstitutionFlorida Southern College
TopicOrganic Chemistry

Toward the Synthesis of Greener Synthesis of Oil-based Polymers.


Isabel Augustine, Deborah Bromfield Lee

Author Institution(s)

Florida Southern College


With all the recent attention to plastic pollution, especially straws, there is a call to ban all plastics. In reality, though the pollution is serious, polymers (including their plasticizers, stabilizers, and lubricants) play an important in our day-to-day lives from food and transportation to medicines and construction. It is still important to figure out methods to remove plastic pollution, but another approach for future manufacture is to consider the cradle-to-grave of the products and consider Green and Sustainable Chemistry principles in design of the polymers and their lubricants. In this research, one such approach is to utilize Green Principles in the design such a use of renewable feed stocks and synthesis with biodegradability in mind. We have epoxidized soybean oil, which we then will cross-link with various materials.  The idea incorporates renewable materials, and focus on materials designed for degradation, which we hope the triglyceride provides. We have examined various epoxidation methods to determine the degree of epoxidation and have conducted ring opening experiments with small bi-functional molecules to attempt to cross-link and cure the resulting compound. Future work will include examining other oils, use of other ring opening methods and curing.  All reactions were evaluated by NMR and IR.