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NameParker Boeck
Organization or InstitutionUniversity of Florida

Chemically Recyclable Poly(ester amides) from Post-Consumer PET Waste


Parker T. Boeck, Stephen A. Miller

Author Institution(s)

University of Florida


A series of terephthalamide diols were synthesized from post-consumer poly(ethylene terephthalate) PET via aminolysis with aminoalcohols. These diols were readily polymerized with PET derived bis-hydroxyethylterephthalate (BHET) to produce a series of poly(ester amides). Significantly, aminolysis of the produced poly(ester amides) regenerates only the original diol monomer, allowing for efficient and coherent chemical recycling. Finally, the selective and convergent depolymerization of PET and the reported poly(ester amides) over various other commodity polymers and textiles was demonstrated.