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NameMr. Benjamin Abraham
Organization or InstitutionFlorida State University

Towards Chiral, Thermo-Responsive, Hydrogels Derived from Isosorbide


Benjamin W. Abraham, Justin G. Kennemur

Author Institution(s)

Florida State University


Chiral hydrogel (CHG) materials consisting of crosslinked chiral polymer (CP) chains show promise for enantiomeric resolution. Isosorbide (IS) is a chiral and readily available diol derived from glucose-rich biomass that we are exploring as a CHG monomer feedstock due to the distinct stereochemistry on each alcohol group. This can be used to produce of a unique chiral monomer containing a pendant furan and protected alcohol with distinct stereo-purity. The resulting monomer undergoes free radical polymerization into a CP with unique optical activity and material properties. Current investigations towards synthesis and thermo-reversible crosslinking of the CP will be discussed.