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Ms. Alanya NardoneOrganic Chemistry

An Evaluation of a Greener Synthesis of Stilbene Compounds Exhibiting Anti-Cancer Characteristics

Ms. Alyssa MooreMass Spectrometry

On-tissue derivatization of γ-aminobutyric acid in pancreas tissue for imaging mass spectrometry

Mr. Anneli NinaInorganic Chemistry

Water-soluble rhodium (III) and cobalt(III) porphyrin complexes for the biological inactivation of fentanyl

Mr. Benjamin AbrahamPMSE/POLY

Towards Chiral, Thermo-Responsive, Hydrogels Derived from Isosorbide

Brianna CoiaPMSE/POLY

Conformational Bias in Ab initio Ring Strain Energy Calculations of Complex Cyclopentene Derivatives.

Mr. Chao CuiBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Nano-formulation of anticancer drugs improves deep tissue penetration

Cheng-Yen PanOrganic Chemistry

Design and synthesis of low-gap phthalhydrazide-directed self-assembling π-conjugated materials for organic optoelectronic applications

Ms. Courtney LeoPMSE/POLY

Bioinspired Architectures From Polypentenamer-Based Bottlebrushes

Mr. Danté ComerAnalytical Chemistry

Optimization of  electrochemical aptamer-based sensor performance via controlling gold morphology

Debashis SenAnalytical Chemistry

Electrode potential control for selective aptamer modification of gold surfaces for simultaneous multiple analyte detection.

Mr. Hanwen LiuInorganic Chemistry

Quantifying Photochemical Decomposition of Pt Precursors for Photoassisted Chemical Vapor Deposition

Mr. Ian GermaineInorganic Chemistry

Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Molybdenum Disulfide From cis-Mo(CO)4(tetramethylthiourea)2


Ms. Isabel AugustineOrganic Chemistry

Toward the Synthesis of Greener Synthesis of Oil-based Polymers.

Isaiah NelsenOrganic Chemistry

Lewis-Acid Enhanced Face Selection in the Reduction of Adamantanones

Jackson PowersBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Understanding Membrane Permeability of Proteinosomes Self-Assembled from Globular Fusion Proteins

 Name Topic Title