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Mr. Anneli NinaInorganic Chemistry

Water-soluble rhodium (III) and cobalt(III) porphyrin complexes for the biological inactivation of fentanyl

Cheng-Yen PanOrganic Chemistry

Design and synthesis of low-gap phthalhydrazide-directed self-assembling π-conjugated materials for organic optoelectronic applications

Jackson PowersBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Understanding Membrane Permeability of Proteinosomes Self-Assembled from Globular Fusion Proteins

Debashis SenAnalytical Chemistry

Electrode potential control for selective aptamer modification of gold surfaces for simultaneous multiple analyte detection.

Miss Madeleine UibleInorganic Chemistry

Magneto-Structural Relations in MnSe-MnTe Solid Solutions

Lorena ValentinBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Actinobacterial Terpene Synthase Screen in an Engineered E. coli System

Mr. John Tyler WagnerMaterials Chemisry

Aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition of Y2O3 from non-volatile precursors

Mr. zhishen wangBiochemistry / Chem Bio.


Mapping the activities of heparanase with synthetic disaccharides



Miss Tingting YanMass Spectrometry

Lipid accumulation in lysosomal storage disease revealed by imaging mass spectrometry

 Name Topic Title